Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Where should I go/ so the wind can reach through me,/ so I can rifle through life while/ living it.---From “Great Plains” by Hannah Stephenson, The Storialist, 10-19-11 

Stand still. Find your still point.
You will find a sanctuary there. 

All the wind you can whistle for
will run through you like spirits 

hovering, pulling you through
all the small boxes keeping you 

your own unshackled prisoner,
moored to fears fencing you in 

like the pages of a book bound
to a rind, like a caged sparrow 

perched on a bar will hop down
rather than fly in narrow air. 

When you get there, that place
will not be there till you find it. 

Build it from fondest dreams,
house them in open chambers. 

Let the winds of everywhere
and everything rifle through 

its corridors to find you free,
unafraid to roam elsewhere 

because you know there is always
this still point to go home to. 

--- Albert B. Casuga

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