Thursday, July 7, 2011



“Sleep then work/work then sleep/I am free.” ---Graffiti on Wal-Mart’s Wall, 07-07-11

Must have been a dead-beat father,
Must have been a cheating mother,
Must have been their runaway kid,
Must have been a homeless tramp: 

Who would scrawl a happy graffiti
Like that? A stock boy at Wal Mart?
His mom who just quit and found
A lover working nights, asleep days? 

Or his sleep-deprived old man gone
Berserk with new found freedom
Having been thrown out of wedlock
And mocked as sans prowess in bed? 

Is this all they need to be happy?
Work then sleep. Sleep then work.
I am free. A new union mantra? Are
You happy? But are they really free?

 ---Albert B. Casuga

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