Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Let this little garden host your cobbling,
lay them out in the sun. How inchoate
could words ever get when said? Not even
in sorrow or regret. Would loss shear them
of irreversible years of wanting? It is there.
It is always there. But like the mother
of pearl, you forgive that hurt to nourish
what was beautiful then and a stunning
gem now. Like these saplings pushing out
of grounds where as seeds they might
have burrowed into soil absent of tiller,
let them grow rampant. Wild and free
as the wind, they will one day grow strong
branches, refuge of the lost and the winged
warblers that will sing your hammock
songs until you drift into a quiet slumber
from which you will finally wake up to find
him there, caressing your face. Knowing.
Finding the seed that has always been there.
—Albert B. Casuga

And I want so much to tell you/but don’t know how: perhaps this is the only/way to go on: this never-ceasing work/of cobbling from what was given as loss, regret,/or sorrow: pushing it back into the soil, laying it/out in the sun.---From “Goldfinch in the Garden” by Luisa A. Aguilar, Via Negativa, 07-03-11

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