Wednesday, July 13, 2011



My errands get simpler now: cut marks
On trees, branches, rocks, leaves, walls,
wherever I know you will wind your way
coming home. It is a long route back. 

But you will find them like those prints
of fallen leaves mottling the lake girdling
bluffs we run to when we retrieve  lost
memories that somehow remain clear: 

we smell them, we touch them, we feel
them like waning fevers that stay warm
on our flushed faces. We will not forget.
We are condemned to remember. Always.

---Albert B. Casuga

Your fever breaks;/then the longer route home, blue-girdled by lake/water that bears prints of leaves fallen, still flushed.---From “Traces” by Luisa A. Igloria, Via Negativa, 07-12-11

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