Thursday, June 30, 2011

A DIALOGUE ON A DEAD CHERRY TREE (Conversations with Stick Series #17)

…then the dead cherry beside the porch fills with birds.*


“They also serve who stand and wait.”
Remember that line? Was it Milton, Stick?

Huh? Where’s the waiter? Who’s serving?

Look at that dead cherry tree. Who would
think the birds would prefer to perch there?

With this gust, no leaves will slap them!

Small consolation, but you might be right,
With perfect foliage, the tree sways faster.

A wind punch is not as hard on a dead branch.

Oh, what I’d forgive for the sight of a tree
With these birds for leaves! But when the
Wind breaks the tree, won’t they simply fly?

It’s the first time you said I’m right, milord.

You’re a dead branch yourself, dear Stick.
Look how I lean on you, each step I take.

—Albert B. Casuga

*Prompt: From The Mornng Porch by Dave Bonta, 06-29-11.

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