Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A DAILOGUE ON IMMORTALITY (Conversations with Stick Series #14)


You know, milord, that guy who wrote:
“…And Death shall have no dominion,”
he’s wrong. Terribly. Look at these lilacs
crushed by a fallen dead elm branch.
Even in death, it destroyed the beautiful!

Shut, up, Stick. A little learning is a
dangerous thing. The poet said: “Death,
where is thy sting?” Leave me with my
tea, will you? I need it hot this morning.
Look, Stick, a phoebe uses it as a perch.

—Albert B. Casuga

Prompt: Gone for just two days, I come home to find half the lilac crushed by a fallen limb from the dead elm. A phoebe already uses it as a perch.---Dave Bonta, The Morning Porch, 06-20-11

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