Friday, March 9, 2012



Even when things are true or false, they are true and false. (True or False)---Hannah Stephenson, The Storialist, 03-07-12

How much truth is there in wooing?
I shall but love thee after death?  

When they are earnest, are they true?
How much more hyperbole is needed 

before protested passion turns false,
as urgent only as desire must be sated? 

Quite like a mirage, what is seen now
is unseen on the other side of a wall: 

everything can become nothing here.
They were never there to start with. 

What then is reality? Why even accept
that either one is true or it is false? 

The long shadow at sundown is there
on the porch wall, but was it also dread? 

It is a magic scarcely accepted or used.
Being here assumes not being there 

but has always been a place where
things cannot be here or there without 

your insistence that these are true
or false because you are there to name 

them what they may be or why, as you
have always done since you ran away 

from home to flex newfound power
to call false true and true false, and let 

things live or die where they may,
because you assigned them that meaning.

---Albert B. Casuga

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