Wednesday, December 28, 2011



But neither plaster, nor/ marble, nor stucco rooms/ end your search for/ the end of the rooms/ or a roomless door.---Hannah Stephenson, “Next Door”, The Storialist, 12-28-11 

There must be a little door
that will not end in a room.
Space is all. Is there an end
to these rooms? An exit
into a free space all my own? 

I require a room-less door
to step out of when leaving
would finally mean being
unbound, no walls to fence me
in,  no house to shackle a home.  

For what would a sky be for?
Why would suns set over hills?
Suns rise from the edge of seas?
Why do springs expand to falls?
Why is beauty is own excuse? 

Whence come this splendour,
what does it mean for a flower
to bloom? When all questions
have been answered, where
ends he whose end is a question? 

Or are answers simply next door?

--- Albert B. Casuga

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