Friday, November 4, 2011



(For my dear Sister, Brenda Teodora Casuga-Maglaya+)

How do I best remember you, hermanita?
That father would call you princesita mia
after a swig of Domecq and sarsaparilla? 

You were not one to get excited by these,
nor would you bat an eyelash; you’d jump
off his lap and call out to me: “ ‘manong! 

                   That was always my cue for another game
                   of patintero under the lone lamp on our
                   camino; your sad eyes lit up, you’d smile. 

                   The smile you bravely left me when you
                   hugged me from your sick bed, was your
                   own smile, nobody else’s. I will not forget. 

--- Albert B. Casuga

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