Saturday, September 17, 2011



(b. September 16, 2011, 10th Grandchild, a Perfect 10!)*

Mild, merciful, a small orange:
you would have to tell those
who would ask what your name
means like all tags could mean
anything from noone to someone
but pray, not anonymous. Never. 

For from this day forward, love,
when the sun is a lambent light,
when the rain is a gentle spray,
when the wind is a soft caress,
when all that is harsh is salved,
we shall call them all clement.  

And we will remember you,
Marie Clementine, like the mild
dawn that greeted you when you
slipped quickly out of her womb,
mercifully sparing your mother
the pain that birth is twinned with. 

Did your laughing père not call you
a little citrus fruit, a tiny orange
wailing your little heart out when
you quivered into our tired world?
O, Marie Clementine! O clement,
O loving, O sweet mother of God. 

When angelus descends at dusk,
You become a prayer, too, Marie.

---Albert B. Casuga

* A description only an excited grandmother like Lourdes Veronica (Nicky) Lim-Casuga could muster. Marie Clementine, our 10th grandchild, is her parents' --- Martin Lalonde and Adele Casuga-Lalonde --- unmatchable gift for abuela Nicky's birthday on September 17.

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