Saturday, August 20, 2011


Goats can get by, I swear, / on the notes no one else sings. --- From “The Fretless Banjo” by Dave Bonta, Via Negativa, 08-19-11


Notes no one else sings are melodies
everyone should sing: a prescription
like this must come from the bowels
of hell, like decreeing the decapitation
of one,  Salman Rushdie, writer, who
has written about the verses of  one,
Satan, and not unlike a loyal Lucifer,
sang his own version of Allah Akbar,
sealed his sentence from angry imams,
decried the descended jihad’s wrath,
and the world of revolted men cried: 

Let him live! He is not even an infidel!
Let him perish, and he will live forever,
like that proud and fallen archangel,
who sat brightly as a burning minion
of the Almighty at last count, and still
wreaking murderous mayhem where
places are still hovels of madmen who
praise merciful Allah as they slit throats
of kinsmen who get by on notes no one
else sings, like goats, and angry poets. 

---Albert B. Casuga

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